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Why This UX Agency Switched to the JAMstack for Front-End Development

Sarah Harris July 15, 2021

In recent years, a new web development methodology has taken UX by storm. And over the past 3 years, we have moved our front-end development work for our Clients to this methodology.

Never heard of the JAMstack? If so, then you are missing out! Below, we’ll cover the basics of JAMstack. We also explain why we decided to make the switch.

Ready to find out what’s so great about JAMstack and whether it is right for your company? Let’s go!

#What’s JAMstack?

JAMstack is the latest and greatest methodology for creating world-class websites. It focuses on the user experience from start to finish. JAMstack is not only blazing fast, but it is also extremely secure.

JAM means:

  • JavaScript: JS is the client-side of programming language
  • APIs: Application programming interfaces connect the website to other services
  • Markup: Markup refers to how HTML is rendered; it allows for efficient delivery

Each facet of JAM is stacked together in order to deliver a great user experience.

There are several different technologies available that can be used to create JAMstack.

It is essential that your JAMstack agency chooses the correct technologies so that the end results can live up to your expectations.

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#Importance of UX Design

At the end of the day, it is all about providing consumers with a great user experience (UX).

UX refers to the way that your customers feel when they interact with your system. Ideally, you want to provide them with an enjoyable and straightforward user experience. Why? Because those customers would come back to your brand, and they'd recommend your brand to others.

From the moment you begin planning a project, UX should be at the core of the conversation. The typical digital product user places an extremely high value on speed and an intuitive interface. These are two areas in which JAMstack excels, which is why so many agencies are making the switch.

#Benefits of JAMstack for UX

JAMstack offers a plethora of benefits to developers, digital businesses, and most importantly, users. These benefits include:


Who said that a great digital experience had to be complicated? While we concede that creating the perfect JAMstack does require some finesse and expertise, these technologies also offer some much-needed simplicity.

JAMstack is all about ease of use. Stakeholders and end-users alike will enjoy a final product that is simple, enjoyable to use, and fast! They will be able to perform desired tasks without having to search for YouTube tutorials and other aids.

#Improved Serviceability

The term “serviceability” refers to the process of building, designing, and maintaining your JAMstack website over time.

Technology that is easy to service will be less expensive to maintain. It also means that your website will be set up for long-term success because developers will easily be able to make changes on the fly to address any unexpected bugs that may arise.

#Added Security

JAMstack improves the speed of your website by pre-rendering static Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). This means that UX agencies can remove any ties to database or web application servers.

Since these servers are the medium that hackers often use to gain access to your site, JAMstack can make your data more secure.

#Cost-Efficient Scalability

In the past, startups and small businesses needed to migrate to a brand-new website once their business experienced real growth. Fortunately, the JAMstack offers superior scalability.

Your JAMstack site can grow with your business. Since JAMstack does not rely on traditional database servers, you will even save money, even at scale.

#Superior Stability

The most well-designed websites will fail to resonate with users if they suffer from random downtimes.

With that being said, unexpected outages are commonplace with legacy technologies. Even though these outages typically last for just a few moments, any downtime is likely to diminish the user experience.

#First-Class Speed

While patience is a virtue, it is not found in abundance amongst web users. If you truly want to make a great first impression on users, then your website has to be quick.

A slow website can cost you leads and increase your bounce rate. Both of these things bode poorly for the long-term outlook of your business.

Perhaps the biggest appeal of web pages that are designed with JAMstack is speed. Pre-rendering and the seamless integration of three high-performance technologies can result in websites that are nimble and responsive.

JAMstack will also help to improve your SEO rankings, as many search engine algorithms now account for website loading speeds.

#Our growing JAMstack showcase

Here are some of the websites we recently launched that make use of the JAMstack:

#With Pulp, a Premier JAMstack Development Agency

JAMstack has helped thousands of companies to provide their customers with a top-quality user experience. You can reap the benefits of JAMstack, too! We do not recommend going it alone, though, as integrating these three technologies requires unique skill.

If you are ready to elevate your online presence, With Pulp can help! We are a JAMstack development agency that creates the web apps and products that people want.

Contact us today to learn more about the ways that we can optimize your UX through JAMstack.