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Welcome to Pulp's website (https://www.withpulp.com/) and our related services. We're delighted to have you here! By engaging with our site, you're accepting the terms outlined here. If these terms don't align with your preferences, please refrain from using our site. Do note, however, that for any services already rendered by Pulp, payment remains due.

1. Intellectual Property Rights

Everything you see on our site, including the code, designs, text, images, and trademarks, belongs to Pulp. We welcome you to use these for your personal, non-commercial enjoyment. Should you wish to use them beyond this scope, kindly reach out to us for permission.

2. Ownership of Materials

We take pride in crafting designs and files uniquely for you. These creations belong to you, but it's essential that any material you provide us for these designs respects the rights of others. We're keen to showcase our collaborative work with you, unless we agree otherwise as mentioned in section 18.

3. Third-Party Fonts

In cases where special fonts in your project require additional licenses, we will inform you. The responsibility to acquire these licenses rests with you.

4. User Representations

By using our site, you confirm that you have the legal capacity to agree to these terms, are not underage, and will use our site in a lawful and respectful manner, adhering to all relevant laws.

5. Prohibited Activities

Our site is intended for specific purposes, and we trust you to use it appropriately. Please avoid any misuse of the site, data theft, tampering with security, or any illegal activities.

6. Client Feedback

Your feedback and suggestions about our service are invaluable to us. Once shared, they become part of our resources, though we will always respect your rights over your own materials.

7. Management and Oversight

We occasionally monitor the site to ensure everyone's smooth experience. Should any terms be breached, we may need to limit access, but we will handle these situations with care.

8. Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. By using our site, you're agreeing to our Privacy Policy, which aligns with U.S. data laws. Please note, we do not store any personally identifiable information on our site.

9. Returns and Refunds

We approach refund requests with consideration, reserving the right to make final decisions. In case of a refund, the materials we've created for you will remain with us.

10. Modification

We continually strive to improve our site, meaning changes might occur. We'll do our best to keep you informed of any significant updates.

11. Connection Interruptions

While we aim for continuous availability, occasional interruptions may occur. We can't be held responsible for any inconvenience caused by such downtimes.

12. Governing Law

Our terms are governed by the laws of the State of New York, USA.

13. Litigation

Should legal disputes arise, they will be resolved in the courts of New York. By using our site, you agree to this jurisdiction.

14. Disclaimer

We offer our site "as-is," embracing its unique qualities and imperfections. We can't promise perfection in everything we present.

15. Limitations of Liability and Indemnification

We cannot be held liable for any damages arising from your use of our site. Should your actions on our site lead to legal issues, you'll be responsible for covering them.

16. User Data

You are responsible for your data on our site, and we cannot be held accountable for any loss or corruption of this data.

17. Electronic Communications

You agree to receive our communications electronically and to use digital methods for signatures and agreements.

18. Showcasing Your Work

We're excited to possibly showcase the amazing work we've done together, unless we agree otherwise or have an NDA in place.

19. Referrals

For referrals, we collaborate with rewardful.com.

20. Miscellaneous

This document is our complete agreement with you. Not enforcing a part of it doesn’t imply we waive our rights to it later. If any part is deemed invalid, the rest still stands. This isn't a partnership or joint venture, just an agreement for use.

Contact Information

Questions or thoughts? We're here for you. Email us at hello@withpulp.com.

Last updated: 12/07/2023