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What is a JAMstack Agency?

Sarah Harris July 08, 2021

Are you looking for a high-speed website that offers a dynamic experience?

Does your current page run slowly, experience frequent issues, or present just a fraction of your vision for your brand?

If that sounds familiar, you need to consider partnering with a JAMstack agency. In the guide below, we’ll take a deep dive into this innovative web design methodology. We’ll also explain why you should hire a JAMstack agency.

#What is JAMstack?

JAMstack is a specific web development philosophy. It focuses on three key components of digital creation to provide a user experience that is secure and fast.

The three facets of JAMstack are:

  • JavaScript: Client-side programming
  • APIs: Connects your website to other services or databases
  • Markup: The way that Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is rendered

The three components above make up the JAM. But what about the stack? The second part of the term refers to the combination of all three technologies to deliver the final digital product to your consumers.

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#Reasons to Hire a JAMstack Agency

Now that you know what JAMstack is, let’s look at why it’s so vital to hire an experienced JAMstack development agency.

A JAMstack agency specializes in using JavaScript, APIs, and mark-up. They have an intricate understanding of each piece of technology and can ensure that these components are brought together seamlessly.

Agencies specialize in using JAMstack specific technologies. These technologies include React, Gatsby, Next.js, and Nuxt.js.

They also specialize in the use of headless CMS tools like Drupal and Shopify. This allows an agency to build an exceptional experience for its clients.

#Signs of a Great JAMstack Agency

Unfortunately, not all JAMstack agencies are created equal. It is vital to choose the right team for your development needs. If a JAMstack agency does not use the right combination of technologies, the end result will be a website that underperforms.

A good JAMstack agency will understand that website and web application performance are essential parts of the user experience. They will meticulously review every aspect of the design process so that they create the perfect stack for your site.

The best JAMstack agencies also recognize the importance of a great user experience. A good experience means that your customers will be happier, which will benefit your bottom line.

#Benefits of JAMstack

If there are entire agencies that are dedicated to JAMstack development, then the technologies must have some pretty significant benefits, right? We certainly think so. The thousands of companies that have made the switch to a JAMstack approach seem to agree.

Clients that switch to JAMstack experience benefits that include:


JAMstack technologies have a high level of serviceability. This means that developers, content editors, marketers, and other team members will easily be able to alter and maintain the stack.

Serviceability is essential if you want your new site to run at peak levels.


JAMstack websites are pre-rendered and SEO-friendly. This means that they load fast and provide an enjoyable user experience. They will also improve conversion rates and optimize search rankings. What’s not to love?


Are you worried that your current website cannot keep up with your business as it grows? JAMstack makes those concerns a thing of the past. Not only are JAMstack websites lightning-fast, but they are also completely scalable.

Unlike legacy applications, JAMstack does not rely on traditional database servers. The result is substantial cost savings, even at scale.


Speaking of legacy applications, previous technologies were prone to unexpected downtime. Talk about a frustrating experience for you and for the front-end user!

JAMstack relies on static HTML and other incredibly stable technologies. This means you won’t be faced with random webpage failures. Your clients and your customer service team will thank you.


Cyberattacks seem to become increasingly prevalent every single year.

While a handful of major corporations have been victims of these attacks, hackers tend to target small to medium-sized businesses. This is because many smaller companies do not have adequate cybersecurity protocols in place.

While JAMstack is not an anti-virus technology, the nature of the methodology increases overall website security.

It is pre-rendered, which means that it does need to connect to database servers. These types of servers are usually the doors that hackers use to obtain your confidential data.

#With Pulp, a Cutting-Edge JAMstack Agency

As you can see, JAMstack technologies can elevate your company’s online presence and drastically improve your user experience. However, getting all three components of the stack to work together in perfect harmony requires the expertise of a JAMstack agency. That’s where we come in!

With Pulp is comprised of a team of designers and developers that create digital products that people want!

Our professionals can masterfully implement JAMstack and provide you with a high-performing website.

Contact us today for a free consultation!