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JAMstack Technologies: What is Nuxt JS?

Sarah Harris April 01, 2021

JAMstack is a revolutionary new development stack that is turning the world of web development upside down. It gets rid of the need for traditional servers and delivers pre-rendered static sites every time a visitor views the site.

Nuxt JS is one of the technologies that’s heavily used with JAMstack sites. It’s a front-end framework that’s built with Vue.JS. Many JAMstack developers have started using this framework to increase development time and simply help them get more done.

Today, we’re going to dive into the benefits of using this framework, discuss the major differentiator between it and other frameworks, and provide some resources to help you learn Nuxt JS.

#Benefits of Nuxt JS

Nuxt JS is built on a modular architecture. There are more than 50 modules that come with the framework that aims to make development easier and faster. There’s no need to re-invent the same processes over and over again; use a module to apply that functionality to any project.

Your application will also be optimized for performance by default with Nuxt JS. By using Vue.js and Node.js best practices, the developers of Nuxt JS are proud of the speed of their framework. Nuxt JS even comes with a bundle analyzer to help you eliminate every line of unnecessary code from your project.

The creators of Nuxt JS say that they’ve focused heavily on the developer experience. They continuously improve the development process so that the framework makes for a fun and enjoyable development process.

There are tons of benefits to working with Nuxt JS, both for you and your clients. Anyone interested in JAMstack development would be wise to learn the ins and outs of Nuxt JS so that they can create faster applications and sites.

#Nuxt JS Differentiators

The largest difference between Nuxt JS and other competing frameworks is the massive SEO boost that it gives. Perhaps the most important element of all SEO efforts is accurately conveying to search engines what your application or website is about. Volumes of books, blog posts, and videos dissect and analyze different methods of accomplishing this goal. With this goal in mind, let’s take a look at how Nuxt JS creates sites that are better optimized for search engines.

Nuxt JS is rendered on the server-side, which means it delivers pre-rendered static pages to viewers. Doing so allows for greater parsing by Google’s SEO parser since the DOM elements have been fully rendered. As such, Google’s SEO parser is able to quickly parse DOM elements and have a better idea of what the website is about. There are no additional elements that need to be created.

On the other hand, applications and sites built with Angular, React, and standard Vue.js are fetching data from the server well after the DOM is loaded, which means the SEO parser is not able to parse each DOM element. This results in missing information, and Google has less of an idea of what the website is about. The missing information could range from the heading of the blog to the content of the site, depending on how the site was built.

Ultimately, the main differentiator between Nuxt JS and other frameworks is the massive SEO boost that it provides to projects. Proper SEO will make the difference between a successful business and a failed one, so it’s well worth developing your site with Nuxt JS to get every SEO boost possible.

#Resources for Learning Nuxt JS

Are you interested in learning Nuxt JS? There are plenty of courses out there to explore. Some of the best places to learn Nuxt JS are:


The official site of Nuxt JS has put together a directory of excellent Nuxt JS courses from all around the Internet. They even differentiate which courses are free and which ones will require spending some money. With plenty of courses to explore, this is a great place to start.

#Awesome Nuxt

Awesome Nuxt is a curated list of awesome resources related to Nuxt JS. It is home to a seemingly endless list of Nuxt JS specific content including modules, tools, showcases, tutorials, starters. It will teach you anything from making a blog with Nuxt JS to creating a simple redirect, plus plenty of more advanced concepts.

#Nuxt.js Courses

One of the best ways to find an expert on any topic is to find a Udemy course teaching that topic. Nuxt JS is no exception. You'll find plenty of highly related courses on Nuxt JS there. This course is even free and has reasonable ratings.

Anyone looking to become a JAMstack developer should have an excellent handle on Nuxt JS. Learning this framework will increase your development speed while making the sites you develop rank higher.

#Are You Looking for JAMstack Specialists?

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