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Top 10 UX Design Agencies in the US that are Remote

Sarah Harris April 16, 2021

Finding a UX design agency can be difficult, so we’ve put together a list of the top 10 UX design agencies in the United States that do remote work.

It might be odd that a UX agency is listing other UX agencies on their website. But the way we see it is that every agency brings it's own specialties. Some specialize in the types of products they design. Others specialize in the types of solutions they provide.

We don't see the other companies on this list as competition. Instead, they're our peers in the space that we love: Digital product and UX design.

#10. Fantasy Interactive

Created in 1999, Fantasy Interactive has worked with some of the largest brands around, including Netflix and The Weather Channel. They have offices located worldwide, but they’re a US-based company, and many of their staff do remote work.

They are considered by many to be one of the more expensive UX agencies in the world.

#9. Work & CO

This fast-growing company is named after the two things that matter most in life: your work and the company around you.

They earned a name for themselves by designing the now-offline Virgin America website which earned them some serious recognition in the UX design agency community. Ever since then, they’ve been creating excellent experiences for their clients’ users.

#8. Method

With headquarters in San Jose and New York, Method employs many digital designers. Method is one of the older companies in the UX world, as they were founded in 1999.

They employ roughly 100 people, although there is no public number available.

#7. Praxent

With a declared niche of the financial services world, Praxent focuses on custom software development. They also modernize older systems and develop web apps. They’re headquartered in Austin, Texas, but have teams doing remote work around the country.

Notable clients include The City of Houston and Ticket City.

#6. Emerge

Located in Portland, Oregon, this UX agency was founded in 1998. They have a future-thinking vision and a passion for producing the absolute best products that they can.

Emerge has received numerous UX rewards, including a Webby, an Effie, and a W3. They’ve created products for Nike, Icon Aircraft, and Wacom.

#5. Slide UX

This 19-person team is based in Austin, Texas, and they have a strong focus on designing unique UIs.

This focus is integrated with their UX work, allowing them to craft outstanding products for their clients. They’ve done work with TicketCity, where they helped them by designing a new way for people to purchase tickets.

Another notable project is their work with Actian, a cloud-based data management company. They helped them develop a beautiful iPaaS product that has helped Actian’s business provide better services to their clients.

#4. Clay

This small design and development agency is based in San Francisco, and many of their staff work remotely.

Clay works with large tech companies and funded startups to help bring their vision to life. With a relatively small team of 32, they’ve managed to work with Slack, Coinbase, UPS, and even Facebook. They’re a UX design agency to keep an eye on.

#3. Huge

As far as we know, Huge is the largest company on this list when it comes to the amount of employeess. They employ over 1,200 people and have their hands in many different types of UI and UX. They create websites, web apps, and mobile apps.

Huge has worked with Spotify and Google to bring about new aspects of their respective platforms. They even have an entire team dedicated to market research to help them make informed designs. Many of their employees do work remotely.

#2. Frog

“Design and innovation that transforms” is Frog’s motto.

Frog is one of the largest design studios on the planet, with offices worldwide, many of them in the US, and plenty of remote workers. Frog has worked for Intel, Sharp, Porsche, and GE to craft new products and services. They are one of the oldest design companies around, as they’ve been in business for fifty years.

One of their primary focuses is designing products and services that completely change the market instead of blend in with the crowd.

#1. With Pulp

We are a human-centered product development company. With Pulp forms long-term partnerships by focusing on communication and delivering informed user experiences.

Our workforce is entirely remote, and we’re proud to be spread out around the country, offering our unique perspectives to every project we take on.

We bring brands and people together to create a better experience for everyone involved. We’ve worked with other digital agencies like Igicom to design and develop custom web apps for higher education institutions and non-profits. And we've also worked with enterprise companies like WWE to their product experience across eight platforms.

#Combined We Design Products that Change the World

We’re happy to be among our peers, and part of a community of designers focused on building a better world. While we care about conversions and the bottom line, we also care about crafting unique experiences that genuinely make people happy.

With Pulp is a UX design agency focused on creating products that give people a great experience. We’ve worked with our clients to revolutionize what they offer their customers, and we’d love to work with you, too. Contact us for your UX design needs today.