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How Custom Development Can Boost Your Shopify Sales

Sarah Harris July 11, 2021

Shopify is a versatile platform that lets businesses establish any number of different eCommerce plans.

There are many tools for building the best customer experience, and so competition is fierce.

Leaving your Shopify development to professionals can bring your Shopify sales to a whole new level.

#Determining What You Need to Boost Shopify Sales

Before enlisting the services of any professional, you want to have a firm grasp of what it is you’re looking for. This knowledge will help you find the right company to work with and quickly.

Look closely at your business model, what kind of features you will need, and why it’s those specific features you need.

Every custom Shopify development project will be unique, and the size of each project depends mainly on the scope of your ambitions.

Do you want a simple site that elegantly showcases products?

Maybe you want a custom experience that really highlights your brand personality and differentiates you from the competition.

In other cases, you might need more involved features such as targeted upselling and product customization.

#Needs and Wants

After a quick brainstorm session, you’ll probably have a long list of features you want for your Shopify website.

However, implementing all of these ideas isn’t always the best way to handle things.

Instead, you need to prioritize which features are going to impact your Shopify sales directly.

It's easy to lose track of this core focus and try to bring in elements and features that look nice but aren’t helpful.

Professional Shopify developers can cut through the excess to find the real core of what you’re trying to offer.

#The Professional Difference

Many small business owners are perfectly capable of setting up their own Shopify. The platform has many easy-to-use tools for beginners, but there’s always something lacking in a self-run Shopify.

Aesthetics truly matter, and customers are quick to pick up on amateurish mistakes and poor design choices.

Beyond this, you might have a clean website but it could be missing your unique brand identity.

A website is an opportunity to leave a lasting impression on customers. This is very hard to do with Shopify out-of-the-box as many Shopify owners are working with the same tools and plugins.

Going with custom development helps you overcome these challenges and presents your business as flawlessly professional, giving your customers greater confidence in your brand and products. This leads to more revenue and new customers.

The gap between a professional and an amateur Shopify is much more significant than it may appear.

Custom development is complex and takes professional experience to handle correctly. Trying to fumble through advanced settings and configurations on your own isn’t going to work and could make things much worse by the end of it.

#The E-Commerce Industry Advantage

The other great thing with going with a professional Shopify shop is their e-commerce industry knowledge.

Shopify development firms can help you identify user experience enhancements that can improve your customer's satisfication.

Qualify Shopify development firms that have designed and development components specific to e-commerce. This includes:

  • Product customizations
  • Product personalization
  • Advanced search
  • Unique product page design
  • Better check-out experiences
  • Better delivery / logistics management

#Budgeting for Backend Development

The sky's the limit when it comes to Shopify backend development.

There are plenty of people out there that offer slapped-together work for low prices but trusting a more professional company with your development would be wiser.

Within professional organizations, there will be many levels of backend development available for businesses.

Of course, the needs of different companies vary, and so do the budgets they designate for their Shopify.

Once you determine your budget, you might discover that it clashes with the features you originally wanted. This moment of realization is an excellent place to reevaluate those options and focus on what you really need.

Don’t waste money you don’t have on something that will bring in more Shopify sales.

When your budget is limited, you should reduce the scope of your Shopify development, not the experience or reliability of your developer.

Always choose a backend developer with specific expertise in eCommerce if you want to boost your Shopify sales.

#Getting Started

If you’ve found a developer or development firm that seems like a good match, there are a few more points you should bring up before moving forward.

Having the clearest idea of expectations on both sides will make the process that much smoother.

Make sure always to ask the following key questions:

  • Are you going to charge hourly or per project?
  • What kind of custom Shopify modules have you built?
  • What does your user experience design process look like?
  • What’s your development process like?
  • Are you handling this personally or outsourcing?
  • Do you offer support after development?
  • Do you have relevant references?

Getting to know your development team a bit better makes sure you’re both on the front page and sets a solid foundation for your project to increase your Shopify sales.

#During the Backend Development Process

Once development gets started for your Shopify, the most crucial thing will be communication.

During every point of development, there should be ongoing and significant communication.

That will keep projects on track and on time. Communication also ensures that any misunderstandings get cleared up as quickly as possible. This saves time and headaches.

Layout your preferred communication method beforehand, and it’s also best to discuss what hours are appropriate for communication.

You don’t want this to come up partway through development, leading to delays and other issues. With regular communication, your Shopify will quickly start to shape up to match your original vision.

#Reliable and Professional Shopify Custom Development

Are you ready to start improving your Shopify sales through improved custom development?

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