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All you need to go from graphic design to UX design

Husam Machlovi February 05, 2020

UX design is a growing field that combines user research, technology and design.

Estimates show that by 2050 there will be 100 million design jobs. And as of 2018, UX designers make 50% more than graphic designers.

As a graphic designer, you bring a lot of experience that can make your transition into UX design efficient.

In this video, we describe what to prepare as you make your career move.

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#Show Notes

  • UX is made up of multiple stakeholders and activities, and is dependent on a breadth of technologies [00:32]
  • The amount of learning might be intimidating but you can manage your learning to make your process more efficient [02:48]
  • You should be encouraged because your graphic design experience equips you with a lot of skills that are applicable and can even strengthen UX design [05:11]
  • What you should prepare to make your transition including how to plan your UX design portfolio, resume and positioning [06:38]
  • How to find UX design projects [08:30]
  • What to study immediately and the frame to have as you embark on your journey [11:15]

#Study material

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