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Gatsby and Shopify: A New eCommerce Standard

Sarah Harris July 30, 2021

Businesses across almost every industry are making the switch to eCommerce.

A digital business model allows companies to reach a larger audience. In addition, eCommerce reduces overhead, as businesses no longer need to maintain a brick-and-mortar storefront.

Whether you want to go completely digital or conduct sales through both a storefront and online, it is important that you choose the right technology.

When it comes to eCommerce, the combination of Gatsby and Shopify has raised the bar. Read on to find out why these technologies offer a superior user experience for eCommerce customers.

#What Do Users Expect from eCommerce?

If you want to provide an exceptional experience for your eCommerce customers, you must first understand what they expect when shopping online.

Your eCommerce site should provide customers with:


Perhaps the biggest draw of eCommerce is convenience.

Consumers should be able to easily find products, add them to a cart, and check out. Make it easy for customers to spend money on your products.

Unfortunately, many businesses view physical and digital shopping as two completely compartmentalized experiences. Consumers do not share this perception. They want the online and physical interactions with your company to be seamless.

As part of your mission to offer consumers superior convenience, you should make it easy for them to reorder their frequent purchases. eCommerce giants like Amazon have mastered this component of convenience.


When they are using an eCommerce site, consumers also have lofty expectations regarding speed. This expectation is two-fold.

Your clients expect your eCommerce site to be nimble and easy to use. It needs to load and be fully functional within a couple of seconds.

Slow pages will experience high bounce rates. A “bounce” occurs when a user navigates to a single page of a site and quickly exits without browsing through other content.

As part of a commitment to speed, it’s also important to offer speedy shipping options.

Make sure to offer multiple shipping methods so that consumers can receive the instant gratification that they so strongly desire.

If you have a fast eCommerce site and great shipping practices, along with high-quality products, consumers are more likely to flock to your site.


Every month, news breaks about the latest cyber attacks or data breaches. As these incidents become more prevalent, consumers have grown more aware of the need for privacy and security.

Shoppers on your eCommerce site are asked to trust you with personal information and financial data. They want to feel that their information will be fully protected. A lack of confidence in an eCommerce site’s security measures will discourage purchasing and lower profitability.

Make sure to let consumers know that their data is protected and follow through by implementing sound security measures.

#How Do Shopify and Gatsby Exceed User Expectations?

The three consumer expectations detailed above form the core pillars of a great user experience (UX).

The combination of Shopify and Gatsby not only meet those expectations, but they greatly exceed them. That is because eCommerce sites built with Shopify and Gatsby include a number of leading features.

Let’s take a look at some of the top features of Shopify and Gatsby in detail.

#The Leading CMS

Shopify is the leading eCommerce content management system (CMS) available today. A CMS is a technology that allows customers to create and manage digital content.

Shopify includes a modern API and a robust backend, which makes it extremely easy to work with.

Shopify also offers a headless CMS solution. In short, a headless CMS focuses on back-end content management.

Headless CMS software is extremely reliable and can be displayed on any device without a presentation layer. This means that your consumers can access your eCommerce site from mobile devices, tablets, or a standard computer.

It also means that your development team will be able to maintain and extend your eCommerce website a lot faster. And with a lot less headaches.

This becomes especially handy when you're looking to roll out new design and messaging updates to the website for new products, services or promotions.

#A Blazing Fast Site Generator

Shopify alone will not produce a superior UX.

If you truly want to give your consumers a world-class eCommerce experience, then you will need a lightning-fast site generator like Gatsby.

Gatsby offers convenient serviceability, superior security, and exceptional speed.

Like Shopify, Gatsby offers a high level of customization.

It is extremely easy to work with and can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your eCommerce business. Your development team will appreciate the ease-of-use when working with Gatsby.

#A High-Quality Gatsby and Shopify Development Agency

While working with Shopify and Gatsby is extremely user-friendly, getting the most out of these two great technologies requires finesse. That is why many businesses are turning to With Pulp for Shopify and Gatsby migration services.

Our experts can migrate your existing site to Shopify. We can also create a brand-new eCommerce page from the ground up. We are renowned for designing and developing eCommerce websites that people love to use!

If you would like to book your free consultation or learn more about the benefits of Shopify and Gatsby, contact us today!