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10 UI Design Trends for 2021 on Web

Sarah Harris December 28, 2020

User interfaces (UI) on the web are going to change more in 2021 than they have in quite a few years.

Today, we’re going to go over ten UI design trends for 2021. We’ll breakdown what they are and how they’ll impact how we all experience the web.

#10. Accessibility Becomes Standard

The word is out: your site needs to be accessible to those with disabilities. Accessibility UX is a relatively new field that focuses on designing UIs that are catered to people who may not be able to see the screen, hear the audio, or navigate the website using the provided methods.

We’re about to see an explosion of accessibility UX across the web. Sites from all corners of the world will start embracing the idea that everyone deserves to use their website.

#9. Your Choice of Site Themes

Some people prefer light themes, some prefer dark themes, and some prefer unconventional themes. Why should all of these people be forced to use your site with the same theme? Having a simple yet robust theme selector is going to be huge in 2021.

This is one of the UI design trends that will be seen across the board. It’s part of crafting an amazing user experience, and we anticipate that tons of websites will hop on board. It’s even part of accessibility UX since not everyone can read well with some themes.

#8. Copy Merges With UI

The written word is essential to solid UI. In 2021, we’ll be seeing copy merge with UI to create a more personalized experience. UX writing is going to become a central aspect of the design process. It will help tell the overall story and build the brand’s message.

Additionally, having more copy integrated with the UI will enhance accessibility UX to craft a more pleasing experience.

#7. 3D is the New Flat

Flat buttons with minimal design have been the standard for years. That’s all about to change. While minimalism is likely here to stay, we’re going to be seeing more 3D throughout the Internet.

Buttons will feel more like buttons. Icons will feel more real. The web will start to come to life in a new way.

#6. Motion Graphics and Animations Tell Stories

Motion graphics have certainly matured over the years, and that’s not going to stop. UI is going to see more usage of animation and motion graphics to tell specific stories.

Motion graphics can be used to convey emotion better than many other methods. UI designers will pick up the art of defining animations (ie: type, duration and speed) to convey a brand image or a content idea.

#5. Textures Add Life to Sites

We’re going to see more textures added to sites from all industries. They’ll be used tastefully and selectively, but they’ll become more prominent than what we’ve seen in recent years. Combined with 3D effects, sites are about to start looking a lot more interesting.

#4. Custom Illustrations and SVGs

Brands and businesses are always looking for new ways to tell their stories. Customized artwork is one way that big businesses have used. However, not all businesses have been able to hire premium artists.

Custom illustrations that use SVGs are about to change that. Tools are emerging that allow brands to select from different styles of art, customize the individual parts of the artwork, and tell an effective story.

The result is a unique creation that can construct an entirely new brand identity.

Shout-out to Blush.design. We were able to spin up unique illustrations using Blush very quickly for our new project, Remote Creative Work.

We predict this will be one of the standout UI design trends for 2021. You’ll start seeing small and medium-sized businesses with custom illustrations throughout their branding.

#3. Bold, Expressive Typography

Typography and UI design are in a long-term relationship, and they’re not breaking up anytime soon.

In 2021, we’ll be seeing a change in typography trends that shifts more toward bolded typography and pairings. Typography as a brand differentiator will start to take greater precedence.

Typographic trends seem to change every week, but we predict that the overall motion will be toward fonts that express a brand story.

#2. Diversification of Media

Blogs and articles aren’t going anywhere. They’re about to be enhanced.

One of the biggest UI design trends for 2021 is going to be seeing other mediums integrated with writing to tell a more well-rounded story. Specifically, we’ll be seeing integrated video and audio that enhances the content, such as a video explaining a case study.

We’re also predicting a major comeback for sound effects and sounds on websites. Users will have autonomy to disable sound as needed. But when desired, these will enhance media consumption and understanding.

#1. More Emotional UI Designs

We are going to move away from cookie-cutter sites and start moving toward unique sites that evoke specific emotions.

Brands and small businesses of all industries will embrace the art of UI design to create deeper connections with their customers. They will make use of all the elements on this list to do that.

Brands want to be unique, make an impact, and be remembered. UI design will get more recognition as a vehicle for achieving this.

With Pulp is a UI design agency that specializes in crafting interfaces that your customers will love using. Our past clients are thrilled with our work, and you will be, too. Contact us for your UI design needs today, and we’ll get started crafting an amazing experience.